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My personal experience at Coworking Bansko

I landed in Sofia in October 2017. The plan was to experience the nomadic lifestyle for a while. Work on the road. Meeting new people with the same mindset and learn from great entrepreneurs. Thalassa van Beek, community manager at  Cowork7x24 mentioned that Coworking Bansko would be an excellent place to start as a Digital Nomad. The people are friendly, and you will not be submerged with sales talks a lot like in Chiang Mai. Bulgaria is a cheap country to live and explore. I will tell you more about my experience in this blog…

Hoe kies je een mastermind of coach?

Het regent Masterminds, Retreats en Coaches. Maar hoe kies je wat bij je past? Kies jij een coach omdat diegene al zoveel mensen succesvol heeft gemaakt? Kies jij NU of volg je iemand liever even op de voet? Je kiest Read more…

The 6 benefits of hiring branding and support experts

The benefits of Branding and Support experts are massive. It will get you further in your process. You will have more space and you will have a sparring partner. Even if you don’t need a VA it is recommended to find a business buddy because this will help you reflect your thoughts and criticize your processes. The following 6 trigger points will explain why you need to outsource specific tasks to experts.

What we do for Business and Creators

We organize brainstorms for event and retreat development. We start with the content when there is a concrete frame. Co-creation means that we create an event with knowledge of both of our companies and brainwaves.

Balance between money and habits

There is a lot of pressure on money and habits which we call normal in our country, city or family. Did you ever think about your desires? In this blog, you will read how I worked on my habits and how I found a balance between my money and habits. What is normal for me, can be different for you. It’s all about thinking different and dare to trust your gut feeling. Why should you walk away from your dream?

Mining your thoughts into creation in 2018

Workflow mining is something I read about at the moment. It goes about how to process all the information into valuable content, processes, and workflows. It needs to be workable. We can’t handle the workload anymore. This means we need to create a system in our mind to process the valuable information and which you can put aside. Co-creation is one of the best methods to get your amazing ideas on paper.

Focus on your gut feeling

Keeping focus and losing focus has to do with the balance between your values and your thoughts which are not in line with each other. Focus means that you only do the stuff that you have to do at that moment. Read more…

Interview: Alex Ahom shares his Coworking Vision

Alex Ahom is the founder of Shhared in Hamburg. Shhared is a coworking space where creative people come together to share their knowledge having a community space to collaborate with. Shhared is located in Hamburg which has 1.8 Million citizens and is one of the biggest cities in Germany. I interviewed Alex after I’ve heard about his participation at the Coworking Europe Conference.

Danielle LaPorte – the Queen of desires

Life changing or just be you? Danielle LaPorte is the queen of desires. She teaches the world how to love yourself and live to your full potential. Danielle is an invited member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100, a group who, in Oprah Winfrey’s words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters.”

Become a Freedompreneur

We all read about it on social media. Being your own boss should be the best way to live your desires and actually work from anywhere you want. But is it so easy to become an online entrepreneur immediately and quit your 9 to 5 job?