Mind Events Factory considers it is important that the information entrusted to her remains secret and that it is protected at all times.

Mind Events Factory only collects data that you consciously provide us with in a conversation, meeting or via e-mail, physical mail or physical hand over. We do not collect data regarding your internet behaviour. We only use anonymized cookies on our website. In principle, we only collect information that is relevant to the execution of our services and to the fulfilment of legal obligations.

Your personal data will not be used or processed for any other purpose than for the purposes for which you provided the information to us. We will only deviate from this with your permission or if this is required or permitted by legal provisions (such as the obligation to keep records for tax purposes), professional standards or quality rules or if use is necessary for the substantiation of a legal claim.

Mind Events Factory does not share personal data with third parties, except when it is necessary for the performance of your assignments, the substantiation of legal claims and/or insofar statutory provisions or professional standards ordain or allow this. If we engage third parties for the execution of your assignments, they must comply with the same date processing and security standards as we impose on ourselves. We only provide third parties with personal data to the extent that it is necessary to enable them to provide their services.

If you have provided Mind Events Factory with your personal data, you have the right of inspection and rectification and the right of objection against processing. If you wish to use one of these rights, please send an e-mail to info@mindeventsfactory.com

Mind Events Factory has taken security measures and implemented procedures to protect personal data against unauthorized forms of loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Nevertheless, no absolute guarantee can be given that we are protected against all threats. Persons who have access to your data are under the obligation to keep the data secret. We also make reasonable efforts to retain personal data only for as long as this is necessary to comply with a request from the data subject or until that person requests to delete the data.

Mind Events Factory may change this Privacy statement from time to time. If you have a complaint regarding the protection of personal data by Mind Events Factory, you can send an e-mail to info@mindeventsfactory.com. You can also address your complaint to the Personal Data Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

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