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My personal experience at Coworking Bansko

I landed in Sofia in October 2017. The plan was to experience the nomadic lifestyle for a while. Work on the road. Meeting new people with the same mindset and learn from great entrepreneurs. Thalassa van Beek, community manager at  Cowork7x24 mentioned that Coworking Bansko would be an excellent place to start as a Digital Nomad. The people are friendly, and you will not be submerged with sales talks a lot like in Chiang Mai. Bulgaria is a cheap country to live and explore. I will tell you more about my experience in this blog…

Dating for Digital Nomads

Online dating for nomads is something really valuable to the digital nomad communities around the world as its hard to find meaningful connections while most are constantly moving. Aline Dahmen came up with the idea to create a dating platform for the Nomad Soulmates community 2 years ago after she joined her first digital nomad conference. Today she is leading the worlds biggest community for single digital nomads, is creating single retreats and an app that connects them online. Say goodbye to Tinder and Hello to Nomad Soulmates.  

How to get a new Human Design?

Human Design is booming at the moment. A lot of people start to learn about The Law of Attraction and how to change your 9 to 5 life into a freedom lifestyle. Stephanie Smolders is Human Design Coach and the founder of School voor Positiviteit en Balans, a community where you can learn more about your purpose in life. I interviewed her to learn more about her lifestyle and what she has in mind for us in the future.

Start freelancing with the Freelance Kickstarter

Thalassa van Beek is the founder of the Freelance Kickstarter Bootcamp. I interviewed her to get to know her story and why this is so valuable for new digital nomads or freelance starters. During this Bootcamp, you will learn everything about client acquisition, pricing strategies, and communication tools.