About Joyce

Hey, nice to meet you! My name is Joyce Mol, Yoga Teacher, Deep Work Trainer and Movement Therapist.

Yin Yoga helped me to get rid of my whiplash after a car accident. Neck complaints, an equilibrium organ that was out of balance, anxiety complaints completely knocked me down. I was worried about its recovery because there are people who suffer from a whiplash forever. I didn’t want to be in pain for the rest of my life. I came into contact with Yin Yoga from a rehabilitation program. I had not fully recovered yet, but I started to notice the differences. The pain was getting less and my balance came back slowly.

Observing this felt like a miracle to me. What if I could help other people with their complaints? Then I decided to follow the Teacher Training myself.

I followed the Yin Yoga Teacher Training at the Rise & Shine Yoga Ibiza with Kata van Doesselaar and Erno Van Doesselaar. During this training I experienced the real recovery of my Whiplash, anxiety and loneliness. I found people who helped me to believe in my body again.

Breathwork, deep stretching and meditaion helped me to release pain and trauma from my body.

Later on I followed several other trainings to get into more depth, strength and flexibility.

With this knowledge I would like to support people with complaints about there physical and mental health. People who want to find more depth and connection with their bodies are more than welcome.

Do you have any questions? Please get in touch with me via info@mindeventsfactory.com 


  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Rise & Shine Yoga Ibiza (2018)
  • Bewegingstherapie MOOD Massages (2019)
  • Poweryoga Teacher Training at AALO 50 hours (2019)
  • Sup Yoga Teacher Training bij SUP Yoga & Fitness Malta 20 hours (2019)
  • Anatomy for TT Level 200 at Yoganatomy 20 hours (2019)

    Following at this moment

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program at Yoga Education Institute (2019 – current)
  • Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Rise & Shine Yoga (2019 – current)
  • Chakra Balance Training bij Rise & Shine Yoga (2019 – current)