Mind Events

What we do for Business and Creators;

We organize brainstorms for event and retreat development. We start with the content when there is a concrete frame. Co-creation means that we create an event with knowledge of both of our companies and brainwaves.


What else?

We promote businesses with the focus on personal development, socialization, business, and hospitality. Are you ready to set-up your event or retreat? We are in too. We can support you with the brainstorm, promotion, sales pages, and ticket pages.

Besides we have a network of coaches in different niches who can participate in your desired event.

Why creating an event on your own if you can give your target audience an amazing experience with more knowledge, more people and you can even outsource a part of the event so you can rest a bit or enjoy the sun!

Do you have no clue what kind of event you would like to organize? Then subscribe immediately! We will help you to get your most amazing ideas on paper. We love coworking, workations, yoga, meditation, business retreats and any adventurous trip that might come up in your mind.


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