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My personal experience at Coworking Bansko

I landed in Sofia in October 2017. The plan was to experience the nomadic lifestyle for a while. Work on the road. Meeting new people with the same mindset and learn from great entrepreneurs. Thalassa van Beek, community manager at  Cowork7x24 mentioned that Coworking Bansko would be an excellent place to start as a Digital Nomad. The people are friendly, and you will not be submerged with sales talks a lot like in Chiang Mai. Bulgaria is a cheap country to live and explore. I will tell you more about my experience in this blog…

Balance between money and habits

There is a lot of pressure on money and habits which we call normal in our country, city or family. Did you ever think about your desires? In this blog, you will read how I worked on my habits and how I found a balance between my money and habits. What is normal for me, can be different for you. It’s all about thinking different and dare to trust your gut feeling. Why should you walk away from your dream?

Mining your thoughts into creation in 2018

Workflow mining is something I read about at the moment. It goes about how to process all the information into valuable content, processes, and workflows. It needs to be workable. We can’t handle the workload anymore. This means we need to create a system in our mind to process the valuable information and which you can put aside. Co-creation is one of the best methods to get your amazing ideas on paper.

Interview: Alex Ahom shares his Coworking Vision

Alex Ahom is the founder of Shhared in Hamburg. Shhared is a coworking space where creative people come together to share their knowledge having a community space to collaborate with. Shhared is located in Hamburg which has 1.8 Million citizens and is one of the biggest cities in Germany. I interviewed Alex after I’ve heard about his participation at the Coworking Europe Conference.

Chilly Branding Guide – Rock Freedom

The Chilly Branding Guide is a step to step guide where you learn how to build your brand online and offline.

Dating for Digital Nomads

Online dating for nomads is something really valuable to the digital nomad communities around the world as its hard to find meaningful connections while most are constantly moving. Aline Dahmen came up with the idea to create a dating platform for the Nomad Soulmates community 2 years ago after she joined her first digital nomad conference. Today she is leading the worlds biggest community for single digital nomads, is creating single retreats and an app that connects them online. Say goodbye to Tinder and Hello to Nomad Soulmates.  

Impact of a Digital strategist

Alex Malone, founder of Mister Malone and Story of my world knows how to make a difference and how to market your brand. Digital strategies intrigued her. Creating strategies, being creative and helping brands grow to the next level. Years of global experience have shown that this is her desire and she mastered it.

Go back into nature with The Getaway Camp

The Getaway Camp is something we all need to do once in a while. Going back in nature gives us new energy. The team started The Getaway Camp to give the tourists a real Bali Experience. They loved camping in nature when they were young. The Getaway camp will give you a unique and adventurous experience. 

One Happy Yoga Travel with Adriana Stan

Travel the world and do yoga on any place in the world. Adriana created a community where she teaches at different locations in the world. She has a background in economy and marketing. This makes it easy for her to build a global community of yoga teachers. One Happy Yoga Travel is active in the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

Flight & Airport meditation

Flight meditation. Cara Miles thought me how to clear your mind in the most compact and busy places in the world. Finding your inner peace has nothing to do with your surrounding. You need to get focused on your energy and how you can get yourself into a clear state of mind in every surrounding in the world. So why don’t choose the airplane? There is no distraction from walking away. It is you and your flight seat. Learn more about this exercise…