Mindfulness is something we all need to do. Even better, we already do it every day. A moment of silence, a moment of praying. What are you doing to come back to your inner peace? Mindful Bali is an online course where you can work on your inner purpose and finally understand that you are enough. Yes, you are enough! 

Mindful Bali

Mindful Bali is a Mindfulness course you can follow online and real life. A good opportunity to train your mind to be happier again.  Some people come to Bali to do the first sessions one-on-one. This is something which Nadja van Osch, the founder of Mindful Bali, prefers. The course will move on via Skype when you have to leave Bali or would like to do the coaching sessions from another place.

The online course is now only in Dutch available. You will dive into your personal situation in a few modules.  In the future, we can expect an international course. Besides she offers now the Complete course, which means six personal one-on-one training of 2 hours (international), which means in total 12 hours of coaching. And the Workshop, which includes one long one-on-one coaching session of three hours (international).


Where did Mindful Bali come from?  

While I was working on my Ph.D in Business Ethics, I learned about Mindfulness the vast scientific evidence on the effects of Mindfulness on stress, depression, addictions, relationships, anxiety, sleeping disorders and general happiness levels really intrigued me. I decided I had nothing to lose and started a course with a private mindfullnes coach to see how it would work out for me. The impact of the Mindfulness course was immeasurable and changed the way I perceived both the world and myself. As I changed, my world changed.

I started to meditate on a daily basis. I started to become aware of my inner world. And I suddenly realized that the world I was into wasn’t where I wanted to be. I decided to move to Bali without a plan, without savings and see what would happen there. I became a licensed Mindfullnes coach and there where Mindful Bali came from. This shows that everybody can change their lives if they want it badly. 

Where do you see yourself in the future? 
I am living with my partner and our little baby boy on Bali now. My partner is from New-Zealand and I am from The Netherlands. We would love to show our baby boy the countries where his parents came from. Besides I find it really important that he meets our families. So we will be traveling very soon again.

What do you want to teach the world?
How to manage your inner critic mindfully and come back to self love

You can follow Nadja on Instagram and visit Mindful Bali here.


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