Keeping focus and losing focus has to do with the balance between your values and your thoughts which are not in line with each other. Focus means that you only do the stuff that you have to do at that moment. Just doing the things which are really in line with your values. It means that you don’t get yourself distracted by other platforms during your work.

Why should you do ten things at the same time if it won’t bring your further? The only thing what helps you is to delete all the notifications and apps you don’t need. Just focus on your group work. Free yourself from distractive data and use your focus wisely. We live in a world where we have to keep track of everything. Mostly about the things we don’t like. Because this is something, we forget often. This is how we get burned out and lost in our thought-soup.


Values and goals

Focussing on your goals is not only about your business goals. At first, it goes about your personal values and goals. From there on, you will move on with your business goals. Your business is a reflection of yourself. When you don’t feel right, your business can’t act well either.

Make a plan. Where will you be in six months, one year and five years? Upscale every six months. And if this is too early, you just write a plan about how to do it properly in baby steps. If you have this in mind, you can make progress. This is your ‘stick to it’ plan which is guiding you during your entrepreneurship and personal journey. You have to look at it every 2 months to decide if you want to go on with it or not. Is it still in line with your values?


Energy suckers and energy givers

Energy is our most valuable guide to our movement. It tells us precisely what we need and what we don’t. We try to keep everyone with us, but it’s not helping us. If you want to grow, you have to let go to open new doors.

We need to go forward, not backward. If you want to go ahead, you have to make decisions to let some people behind because they don’t have the same plans and values as you have. Some people don’t have the same mindset as you. Some people will get into it later, and some people will never learn it. This is just their nature. Don’t try to change them. Changing people is difficult. But it is easy to change your surrounding. You can easily hop off and hop on whenever you want, wherever you want.


Egocentric or appreciating yourself?

Focus on yourself, your values and goals, your business, your family and everything what is important to you and what you want to have around you. Some people will think that they are egocentric when choosing for themselves. Nothing is less true. You just appreciate yourself.

Where will you be in five years? Don’t be scared to dream big. Try to get back to your childish dreams. Figure out where you want to be and please start working on this. It’s worth it to enjoy your path in life. It is worse to live a life you don’t like. It’s up to you.

Stay small or play big.

The focus has to do everything with your energy level. Don’t lose your magic. Create a healthy space for yourself before you create a better space for someone else. Because when your health is not on the right level,  you can’t help anybody else. So the first step is creating a plan. Look honest to yourself and be realistic about where you will be in six months. If you find it difficult to make smart goals, take a look at the Book a personal yin yoga class. We will work through your energy line.

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