The Getaway Camp is something we all need to do once in a while. Going back in nature gives us new energy. The team started The Getaway Camp to give the tourists a real Bali Experience. They loved camping in nature when they were young. The Getaway camp will give you a unique and adventurous experience. 

Bali is the Island with all the beautiful nature. The culture has something really calm. The Getaway Camp really improves the tourism, because with The Getaway Camp you won’t sleep in hotels at all. You will sleep in a tent, eat and experience the real Balinese and Indonesia food. Nalom will show you all the local spots you have to see.

Why is this good for you? Well, sleeping in nature is good for all of us. Research has shown that if we sleep in nature for 2 days, it will really improve or sleep.

Bali has a monotone environment. Nothing new is happening. The Getaway Camp is a real experience where you find the new energy of life when you go back to nature. They will especially go to the North of Bali and visit Balinese families where you can stay and feel the real calm of Bali. Life doesn’t have to be difficult. The team is combining the freedom lifestyle in Bali with The Getaway Camp.


The prices are really affordable. You will pay $77 for 2 days which is including, food, transportation, tent, bonfire and anything else they will arrange during the weekend. The weekends will be combined with exploring the hidden jungle, watching wild dolphins in the ocean, snorkeling at a clear coral garden and jump and play at hidden waterfalls.

Besides giving you a real experience, the team would love to give something back to the earth. They feel committed to non-profit organizations. During the weekend you will always do something to let the world sparkle again. Think about planting a tree, beach cleaning or do something good for kids and animals who are in need of help.


Are coming with us?
– The Getaway Camp



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