Mind Events Factory started as a spiritual nomad platform in november 2017 at Coworking Bansko. With no clue what Mind Events Factory for impact would have I started to interview some spiritual and interesting nomads around the world. During this phase in my life I didn’t knew what my purpose was. I knew something with online work and awareness about mindful practice. In this blog I will explain what happened in the past 2 years…

Text flows further underneath this photo…

It is so cool what happened in the last 2 years. I kept developing this platform into something that came from my heart. One year ago when I was back in the office in Amsterdam, something happened to me. A truck drove in the back of my car. As a sign that I wasn’t following my heart anymore. A few months of recovering from a whiplash, depression and anxiety followed into a yoga journey which brought me back to the source of life.

I went to Ibiza to follow the Yin Yoga Teacher Training which solved me from my whiplash. Back in The Netherlands I started teaching privately and carefully. After 1 month I started with a sale on tickets for my yoga classes. I couldn’t believe what happened. Within 1 week there were 100 8-ride ticket sold. So.. there was my flexible yoga school with a few locations. Within 1 week. I’ve worked my ass of… went to a roller coaster, but learned so much of this. And every time when I thought about where this all started I thought back of Coworking Bansko. A community where I felt safe to work on dreams with beautiful people.

I started Mind Events Factory with a dream about creating retreats abroad. This will coming soon and a lot of great opportunities came by already. This year I will teach at the Psy-Fi festival in Leeuwarden on the Sacred Island. And Uwe will be there too. How cool is that.

In the mean time i started a little project for the international guests of Mind Events Factory and I would love to hear your thoughts and interests about it! Read more about it below.

Personal Meditation tailored to your Energy
You can now order a personal meditation tailored to your energy. I will create a meditation personally for you. With your order you can make a request if you want to receive a morning, afternoon or evening meditation. Is there anything special in your life that you want to focus on in your meditation? Then let me know. You can describe your request in the note with your order.

Background music: Mind Events Factory Meditation sounds of the sea and elemental chimes.

Oh, and if you have any ideas about creating a mindful nomad retreat with me, please contact me online. I would be happy to have a chat about it.

What I will say with this is when you live, create and undertakes from the heart, you will create a company from flow, which receives from flow, which brings flow in any other lives.

Coworking Bansko is a company like this too. They started this project with love and look what they created. I will be back soon to see what is happening there!

Much love,


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