I landed in Sofia in October 2017. The plan was to experience the nomadic lifestyle for a while. Work on the road. Meeting new people with the same mindset and learn from great entrepreneurs. Thalassa van Beek, community manager at  Cowork7x24 mentioned that Coworking Bansko would be an excellent place to start as a Digital Nomad. The people are friendly, and you will not be submerged with sales talks a lot like in Chiang Mai. Bulgaria is a cheap country to live and explore. I will tell you more about my experience in this blog…



There is great attention to health in this community. The people who live there are intrigued with yoga, healthy food, vegan food, sports like hiking and mountain biking, yoga and fitness. Every person has its manner of health improvement. They will share this during several events focused on health, technology, and nature. Most of the community are men. But I can defenitely recommend this place to females. Bansko is a safe city in the Balkan region. There are wineries and several options to stay in cheap accommodations. I would love to see more females in the Coworking Bansko space since traveling is not only safe for men, but also for women. Bansko is the perfect place to figure it all out in a calm surrounding.



Coworking Bansko is a booster for your innovative mind. There is lot’s of technical stuff to explore. Like 3D printers, 3D glasses and more. The event manager is organizing a lot of events to share all innovations of the members, and from there new partnerships will start. There can not be enough creative people in that space, so feel welcome to share your ideas and partner up with one of the members!


Network boost

My stay at Coworking Bansko is a boost for my network. My network is very variable now with people from different niches:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Yoga & Mindfulness
  • Developers
  • Marketing experts
  • Travel bloggers
  • Networks
  • Writers
  • English teachers
  • And more…


A lot of women still find it challenging to build relationships on the road. It doesn’t mean that when you leave a place, you will lose your contacts. They can always get back to you in a later state of mind or business. Coworking Bansko is a place that attracts people invariably. They find the personal contact essential, and they will always help you out with business stuff that you/they need to fix in Bulgarian. It is important to them that your stay will improve your growth. Because when you grow in their surrounding, something good is happening for them too. Coworking Bansko is a place where you can build real international relationships where you can count on during the rest of your life.


Yoga & Mind Hacking Weekend 2018

September is a great time to move back to Bansko and close the summer season with a Yoga & Mind Hacking weekend. This weekend is organized to relax and learn from nature, the mind and our body. We will offer yoga lessons, mood food, mind hacking talks, hot springs and hikes in the Pirin mountains. Mind Events Factory is organizing this weekend in co-creation with Coworking Bansko.

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