The Netherlands is my home base and of course, there are some coworking spaces where I love to work when I am home. Working from home is relaxed, but sometimes you need to go to interesting and inspiring places to meet new people and have some movement around you. I found one coworking spot which feels like coming home. 



I am from Alkmaar and a year ago I could not think about working in a coffee shop. Being location independent motivates me to go to places where I find new inspiration, can learn from others and the most important grow with others. Traveling is one of my desires and being home in an environment which gives me energy is also part of the business. The only thing you have to do is create a hub around you where you feel at home.


De koffiemolen

De koffiemolen is my favorite spot to work when I am at home. A place where you can find happiness, good coffee and a lot of coworkers on the second floor. This is the place where it all started. I just started to work as a virtual assistant and Roelof and Jacqueline just opened their first coffee bar. De koffiemolen already existed, but it was never so good as it is now.

From Director of an insurance company to a coffee bar owner

Roelof believes that positive people are happier. Being happy has a positive impact on health, performance, and relationships. That’s good for yourself and your environment. This makes the world a bit better. That’s why Roelof decided to create a positive and connecting environment for others and himself. Where they can share the positive energy that he has in abundance. They work with nice and positive partners, like their coffee supplier Bocca, guaranteed amazing coffee! And therefore they also make delicious cakes and sandwiches that make you happy. Almost everything is homemade! He only selected those things that he liked too! And just as you start your day with a breakfast, you can end it with a wine and a bite. In short, for every moment of the day, a good reason to walk in by them.

It’s so inspiring to see this place growing to a place where people can connect, come and work together. I have seen so many beautiful new connections, that touches me deeply in my heart.




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