I didn’t realize that Walking Barefoot would take a bigger part in my life then I just wrote about online the first time. And as I promised my friend, Chris, Editor in Chief of The Bassist, I would write more about my Barefoot Experiences. So here it is 🙂 


When I just started blogging, my first blog was about my Barefoot Experience. The first time I wrote something online was on Yoors. An independent platform where your content stays your content. I deleted my account last week because my business is up and running now and I host my own website and registered my business in The Netherlands. So the content of my blog about my first Barefoot Experience is now online on this website.

As a young girl I was camping a lot with my family and walking barefoot on the campsite was more than normal. Maybe if you read this, you think that this is very normal in your life. But I forgot how good it is to walk barefoot a few times per week or month.

So, for the people who didn’t read the first episode of Barefoot Experience, I will give a small summary of it.

Credits: Goashape, Unsplash

The start

Last year I went to a psychedelic party in Hungary, called Ozora. The first days I still walked on my flip-flops or Palladiums. The second day I lost my flip-flops in the mud and a few hours later I could not recognize my Palladiums anymore. So I started to walk barefoot. There were paths with pebbles and because of the heat, my feet were burning as hell… I need to take a decision, or walking barefoot on some pebbles in the shadow or take another (longer) route and walking in the burning sun. After 2 days my feet started used to it and I became a professional Barefoot Walker… When I came back in The Netherlands, I didn’t even know how to walk on shoes or even choose one of them.

Until so far my Barefoot Experience there. I am sure that there will come up some memories sometimes and I will write more about it.

‘’I just wanted more of it, living easy and happy everywhere I go’’


Picture: Nataraj

Barefoot parties

So.. in the meantime I started to go to Barefoot parties. For example Nataraj Barefoot party at Meijer aan Zee in Zandvoort (The Netherlands). You can dance like you never danced before. I think you can do this everywhere, but if you don’t feel confident in expressing yourself in a large group of people, this would be a great place to start.

Besides dancing Barefoot on the beach they organizing a lot of parties in Club Lite in Amsterdam. So you will never be bored during the winter.

At the beach, they will always ensure that there are creative things to do. It has always something to do with creative expression in the category of body, mind, and food. I want to share some of these activities with you.


Creative expression

The organization gives their guests an various experience. You can do yoga with professional acrobats and artists. There are some shows at the end of the party and people are just practicing yoga if they want to.

Hula hoop
As I said above, the organization would love to give their guests more experiences than just only dance barefoot. So, Adrienne Csanadi is giving hula hoop workshops at the Nataraj Beach party. She also makes hula hoops, so you can buy one there, or ask her if she will send the hoops to your home address.

You can follow Adrienne here on Youtube.


hooping Joyce credit to Sam
Credits: Sam Tobiana


Coconuts Cocktails & Food
There is always a vegan buffet at these parties. It is various what you get and it is always more than enough! Maybe I should say, it is always too much!

The coconuts are one of the things that make this party feel you’re on a holiday. You can buy a coconut alcohol-free just with fresh coconut water or the coconut is filled with fresh coconut water and Malibu. There is a working space where you can crack your coconut after consumption. Then you can eat the coconut after drinking this delicious refreshment.


If you want to join one of these Barefootparties, feel free to buy a ticket. The next Nataraj Barefoot party is 3 September 2017. 

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