Flight meditation. Cara Miles thought me how to clear your mind in the most compact and busy places in the world. Finding your inner peace has nothing to do with your surrounding. You need to get focused on your energy and how you can get yourself into a clear state of mind in every surrounding in the world. So why don’t choose the airplane? There is no distraction from walking away. It is you and your flight seat. Learn more about this exercise…


Exercise in your flight seat:

  1. Start sitting and find a comfortable position
  2. Concentrate on your breath. Where is it? Don’t try to force it. Just let it be. After 3 minutes you will mention that you are one with the surrounding. Accept the noises, accept the people, accept yourself.
  3. Losing your thoughts and fly into the universe. Then use this mantra: ‘I love you, I bless you, I let you go’. Your fear will disappear. Have a safe flight!


Exercise at the airport while waiting for boarding

  1. Start sitting and find a comfortable position
  2. Concentrate on your breath or find a massage chair.
  3. Set a timer and lose control over time (this will help you to get your flight on time)
  4. Focus on the point between your eyes and let go.
  5. Start to imagine where you would be if everything was possible.
  6. Get back when the alarm goes and implement your imagination in your day.


My first experience with the flight and airport meditation went extremely good. Especially short flights are challenging. Cara send me an e-mail one day before my flight to London. Airplanes are the best place to meditate. Why? Because you have to sit. Return inside. Observe your feelings and thoughts. Accept all that is. Take your time off and cross your new border with full energy!

If you find it difficult to find your inner calm without support, search for some tools which will help you. I use the app Calm on a daily term. Within 3 minutes I lost the surrounding and came back to my inner peace. Finding your purpose in the middle of the chaos is powerful. New opportunities will show up when your mind is clear and pay full attention to your inner voice. Are you losing patience or can you observe your thoughts and let go of anything which cost you energy?


This is the life. This is the connection. This where I want to be.
— Joyce



Cara Miles her program is designed for people who are ready to change – people who are ready to shed negative thinking patterns and grow into the person they are meant to be. Using her background as a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher, she creates a supportive and safe environment for clients to discuss their biggest fears and open up to the greatest possibilities.  She helps people achieve their goals by taking action in the present to create a future in line with their values.

You can find out more information here. 

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