Impact of a Digital strategist

Alex Malone, founder of Mister Malone and Story of my world knows how to make a difference and how to market your brand. Digital strategies intrigued her. Creating strategies, being creative and helping brands grow to the next level. Years of global experience have shown that this is her desire and she mastered it.

Flight & Airport meditation

Flight meditation. Cara Miles thought me how to clear your mind in the most compact and busy places in the world. Finding your inner peace has nothing to do with your surrounding. You need to get focused on your energy and how you can get yourself into a clear state of mind in every surrounding in the world. So why don’t choose the airplane? There is no distraction from walking away. It is you and your flight seat. Learn more about this exercise…

Find your feeling of soul

Feeling Soul Good is a community of yoga and holistic teachers. Sequoia, the founder, and citizen of Canada started her spiritual tour in India when she was 22. She visited India for a volunteer program with a big organization. After the volunteer program ended, she didn’t felt satisfied. She started with saving some money when she came back in Canada and left again to explore and learn more of India.

How to get a new Human Design?

Human Design is booming at the moment. A lot of people start to learn about The Law of Attraction and how to change your 9 to 5 life into a freedom lifestyle. Stephanie Smolders is Human Design Coach and the founder of School voor Positiviteit en Balans, a community where you can learn more about your purpose in life. I interviewed her to learn more about her lifestyle and what she has in mind for us in the future.

The happiness formula

The Netherlands is my home base and of course, there are some coworking spaces where I love to work when I am home. Working from home is relaxed, but sometimes you need to go to interesting and inspiring places to meet new people and have some movement around you. I found one coworking spot which feels like coming home.