Quarantaine asks us to dive deep into our own self. In our own space. But what to do if you don’t know what helps to relax? What to do if the mind is spinning trough? In this blog you will read 11 activities which helps you to relax and be mindful.

  1. Yoga
    There are different styles of yoga. If you are curious what yoga can do for you, this is the time to start with the experience of different styles of yoga. Many teachers are offering classes now.

  2. Meditating
    Meditation is part of the yoga practice. But you can also do it on it’s own. A seated meditation. I’ve created a 21-day inner work challenge where you will learn more about yin yoga, meditation, breath-work & journaling.

  3. Journaling
    Journaling is writing from the heart instead of the head. You can write anything without a set script. If you start to write from the deepest of your heart, you will connect with the belongings of your soul. It helps to reorganize the mind. It also helps to release stress from the body when you have a clear journal in front of you.

  4. Mindful brushing your teeth
    I can remember my first practices of mindfulness. One of the exercises was mindful brushing my teeth. If you are in the moment with an activity, it helps you to slow down. To return back to the here and now and stop thinking what could be in the future or what could be better. You can do this in the morning and in the evening.

  5. Mindful doing the dishes
    Doing the dishes is a mindful activity which can be done with a lot of attention. You can do it while calling a friend. But it is better to do it mindfully in the moment. In the here and now.

  6. Coloring Mandala’s
    I remember from my youth when I was a little kid that my aunt was giving workshops in coloring Mandala’s. This was an activity that I was supposed to give a workshop about. But this is very easy to do at home. Coloring Mandala’s will help you to process your thoughts in colors. The art work is a piece of the mind. Throw your restless mind in colors and see what happens in the mind.

  7. Growing plants
    Even when it is winter and very cold outside, you will be able to grow plants. So this is also possible when you’re in quarantaine. If you have a garden, it is easy to do some gardening outside. Otherwise you can start growing plants in your house. For example… start with the avocado nut or see which plants in the house you can use for another plant. Double the plants in your house. Green in your house, is positive energy in your house.

  8. Read a book that you wanted to read for a long time
    We are always in a hurry. Now it is the time to read that book that you wanted to read for a long time. You have all the time now in quarantaine.

  9. Cook your favorite meal or bake a cake
    It is the time now to cook your favorite meal. Normally you will be in a hurry and have no time to cook a dish mindfully. At this moment there is no hurry that you have to go to your next activity. This quarantaine saves a lot of travel time. So take your time and cook that favorite meal or bake that cake.

  10. Do a little spa routine
    Face masks, bath time, scrub time, maybe you have a jacuzzi. Create your own spa & wellness routine in the house. Do it every week.

  11. Cuddle with your pet
    If you have a cat or a dog or another pet. Cuddle with them. They can give you positive energy.

If you have more ideas for mindful activities, let me know. We can expand this list if needed. You can send an e-mail to info@mindeventsfactory.com

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