The 21 day Inner Work Challenge is based on the teachings of the Goddess Tara. After my Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training we were asked to choose a spiritual deity to work with for 21 days. The deity i’ve chosen was the Goddess Tara. The practice with the Goddess Tara is about devotion, inner power, inner strength, empowerment, inner stillness and inner work.

It’s a beautiful way to discover what is driving you in a certain way. But more important what is coming up in stillness for you. What happens inside when you take the time to breathe in poses focused on the Goddess Tara. It’s work related to your passion. It’s work related to balance things out in your life.

What changed in me after the 21th day Journey

This challenge was a big journey for me. I learned a lot from this journey. This helped me to grow inside and listen to the messages of my own body. The beauty of the Tara Practice is the Inner Journey, Inner Work, Devotion and Inner Power. 

I came to a few realizations:

– That I am the only person who can create stillness in myself.
– That I need space for my own inner journey practice
– That my presence can change the people around me when I am more grounded in my body and work on my own inner practice. 

It was beautiful to see when I shared this practice with my students that they could really open up to themselves. 

The other realization was that I worked too much. I quit all classes which I was teaching outside my own studio. In the gyms. It was too much for me. On a physical level and a mental level. Now I feel more rest and space for my own journey. 

My journey for this year is focused on my own inner power. The inner power starts with speaking my truth. My belongings. 

My inner power is making people aware of their own inner power. To show them the possibilities in life. I do this with yoga and mindful practices.

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