Summer is here finally. And sometimes it is difficult to think about what you can do. The first thing I would say is doing nothing and being bored is the best cure for creative inspiration. But sometimes you want a list of things you can do. I created a list of 21 mindful activities which you can do in summer!

Choose one of the activities you would like to do today. You can mark this blog as your favourites in your browser so you can always find these activities as inspiration.

  1. Early Morning Meditation
  2. Yoga in the park
  3. Yoga at the beach
  4. Mindful walking
  5. Riding a horse at the beach
  6. Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  7. SUP & YOGA
  8. Drawing a mandala
  9. Journaling (free writing from the heart & soul)
  10. Sleeping outside in a tent
  11. Sunbathing at the beach
  12. Sunbathing in the park
  13. Slow cooking in the garden
  14. Reading a mindful magazine or e-book
  15. Reading a book, novel, story
  16. Starting a new way of living for example by the moon phases
  17. Fishing
  18. Go on a boat tour
  19. Sleeping outside underneath the stars
  20. Driving along the fields to buy groceries from the farmers in your neighbourhood
  21. Go to a yoga retreat

I wish you a Blissful Summer!



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