Moon Phase Yin Yoga by Joyce Mol


The Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book is full of self-care tips that you can apply during the entire lunar cycle. In the western world we have learned to live faster and faster. As a result, we increasingly forget to build in moments of relaxation for ourselves. The Moon cycle provides a clear picture of an active energy and a relaxed energy. This E-book is full of information about life according to the Moon phases, Yin Yoga, The physical effects, self-care tips and a separate sequence for each phase that you can practice.

If you start living according to the lunar cycle, you will learn when you can best start new plans and projects and when you can celebrate success. Letting go is also focus here. Because yes, when is it time to do nothing and let go completely?

Allow yourself this E-book in which I surprise you with a Yin Yoga practice for every moon phase and its effect on the body.


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