100% Pure Balinese Ceremonial Cacao 200g



A nutritious superfood that is full of minerals, high in fibre and cacao butter, and a big source of antioxidants, iron and magnesium. Cacao is known for its numerous physical benefits and heart opening powers. Cacao transforms your mornings and special moments of the ceremony.

This ceremonial cacao is slightly fruity, a touch bitter, yet remarkably balanced with hints of wild honey, vanilla, lychee and dark cherry. It invites you to experiment to create your own unique drink.

100% PURE CACAO: naturally zero sugar and no additives, therefore, you receive an abundance of health benefits.


COFFEE ALTERNATIVE: Cacao stimulates your blood flow instead of affecting your nervous system, making it the perfect coffee replacement and addition to your healthy lifestyle.

NUTRITIOUS SUPERFOOD: Our cacao is minimally processed and more potent with high levels of flavonoids (a special form of antioxidants), magnesium, iron and potassium. Each element contributes to a daily improvement of your health.

MOOD BOOSTER AND HAPPY ENERGY: Anandamide is known as the “bliss molecule” and is found in the brain and cacao! It has profound effects against anxious feelings and gives you that feeling of bliss and happiness!

DEEP FOCUS AND ENERGY BALANCER: Cacao is high in Theobromine, an important feel good chemical that helps you relax and improves focus without the jitters

NATURAL APHRODISIAC: Containing high amounts of PEA, a neurotransmitter that stimulates endorphins in the brain that make us feel well-being and excitement.

HEARTWARMING CONNECTION TO SELF: Use cacao with an intention to gain deep insight on a spiritual or emotional level. Meditation and cacao go great together!


Use 10 – 30 grams of ceremonial grade cacao as a general dose for your daily routine. For a ceremonial dose, use up to 45 grams of our cacao. It is inspiring to create your own cacao cup. In our spice selection, we chose the finest special spices that will enrich your cacao and add health benefits. Choose your spices here.


If you are just starting with cacao, you can get a mini block that gives you at least 10 servings. It offers a wonderful cutting experience and it’s so easy to keep until your next cup. This mini block is a tasty and healthy gift to someone special.


The power of cacao is concentrated in how the cacao is farmed and processed. We grow and make our cacao together with local farmers in Bali, the Island of Gods. Behind every sip are the stories of over 27 farming Balinese families who form the backbone of our ceremonial cacao, nurturing the heart of Jungle Delicacy. It has been passed directly from the hands of the growers with love and care, and blessed in a special ceremony by a local Balinese priest before it started its journey to your home.


Our cacao is sourced from the fertile lands of West Bali, where the island’s landscape, rich soils and vibrant Balinese traditions create an ideal environment to cultivate special Trinitario cacao beans. This specific variety is chosen for its fine flavour profiles and adaptability to Bali’s unique climate, ensuring the production of the highest quality ceremonial cacao.

The spiritual energy between the land, and its people and the intimate knowledge of the land create unique harmony between the farmers and our cacao. The cacao cultivation is grounded in traditional and sustainable regenerative farming. Each step, from planting to harvesting, is carried out with the utmost respect for the land and its legacy. This ensures not only the health of our cacao but also the preservation of Bali’s rich agricultural heritage and spirit.

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