Give your employees some space to focus on their wellbeing with core value practices, breathwork, movement therapy to improve their state of mind, health & motivation.

This will give them:

  • space in their bodies, breath & mind;
  • motivation to work with a deeper purpose;
  • boost focus, creativity & inspiration.

All classes and sessions will be remotely during Covid-19. Opportunities on location can be discussed.

My name is Joyce Mol, Soul Entrepreneur, Breath & Yoga Teacher focused on living from the heart & grounding deeply within. Let life flow through you to experience more energy, happiness and inner peace.

I guide human beings to their own unique breathing rhythm and I Love support you to live from your heart. With a solid grounded foundation in your body. Feeling confident and Whole as you ARE. So you can live your live from your deepest heart desire. What makes you happy and peaceful.

Ready to dive deep into your heart and grounded energies?

I grew up with the belief that I would feel satisfied by working hard and a lot. But in the end I longed for a deeper connection within. To feel. To be. In the heart and the womb space / pelvic area. Where I connect with my feminine energy. Sensual feelings. Being grounded and not mind-oriented all the time. Trusting my intuition. Feelings and my body.

Because I worked in masculine companies where ‘mind’ state is very normal, I have experienced that I am able to transfer the feminine to the masculine and back again. We need both. Because of my experience in this environments, I know how to teach and bring the feminine energy / grounded energy to humans who are stuck in the masculine pushing and draining energy in a grounded way. I see the pain points where I can bring balance between the feminine & masculine. How and when you can use them in the best timing for yourself.

This is applicable at for an individual approach. But also in organizations, festivals and retreats. What is it that each individual desires? When setting up your own company, it is also important to find a balance between masculine and feminine energy. Heart desire (yang) and Grounding (yin) are inextricably linked. Without yang there is no yin and without yin there is no yang.

The great thing is that when you start working from your heart and can ground this deep in the pelvis / your womb space, your energy will flow again from balance. And yes. Even man have an energetically womb. We look here at the pelvic area. When you ground deeply within that space in your body, you then work according to your ‘soul feelings’. Whether you are employed or have your own business. That doesn’t matter. It’s all based on trusting your inner guidance. Your Heart Desires and feelings.

Breathwork, yoga, movement therapy and plant medicine are the methods I use to let people feel what their heart longings are and how they can ground this in their bodies and systems. I use it myself for many years now. It is my pillar. To connect with my breath, feel what my direction is and how I can still stay connected within myself.

These organizations experienced the sessions already… what are you waiting for?

Trainer: Joyce Mol

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