The Breath & Yin classes are classes in which we release deep-seated tension and emotions through breathing techniques, deep yin stretches and meditation.

This makes it easier to let go of complaints such as fears, hyperventilation, panic attacks and chronic pain. For example, think of pain in the pelvis, lower back, gluteal muscle, hips, shoulders, neck, chest area, etc.

You may be unconsciously holding tension in your body, making it difficult for you to relax. Or do you spend a lot of time in your head and want to ground yourself deep in your body again. Grounding is one of the most important aspects of our lessons. Feeling safe in your body. To be able to be with all that is.

In these classes you will discover breathing methods of pranayama, tantric deep pelvic breathing, natural breathing and deep yin stretches to give your body the space that automatically gives you rest.

Breathwork helps to ground deeper into the body and calm the nervous system. Breathwork has been around for centuries. Pranayama has been using breathing techniques for decades to come to yourself, to solve physical complaints and to calm your mind.

Prana means life energy. Ayama means to prolong or control. By practicing breathing techniques you learn to return to your natural breathing rhythm. The rhythm that counts for you as a unique person.

By combining this with deep yin stretches, we create space in the connective tissue, joints and muscles. A wonderful lesson to deeply relax with your own breath, to let go of emotions and to heal the body from within. What we also call the self-healing ability.

1 lesson €15.00

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