In the Heart Opening Breath & Flow classes we move to the rhythm of the breath. In a flow, yang movements, breathing exercises and yin stretches are connected. The dance between the masculine & feminine energy.

The breath & flow classes consist of exercises in which we give space to the first 4 chakras. The root, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus and the heart chakra. This contributes to:
– Opening your heart
– Grounding in your body, breathing and mind
– The awakening of your feminine soft energy (men also have this in them, connect with your soft energy);
– Release tension, pain and emotions around the pelvis, psoas, si-joint, hips, groin and lower back;
– Release tension, pain and emotions in the shoulders, neck and chest
– Soothe emotions such as worry, fear, sadness, frustration and anger, let go of control to surrender completely to life;
– Connecting to your core
– Soften and strengthen muscles and connective tissue
– Awakening of inner strength in which you can say YES to yourself again;

Yin & yang come together in a beautiful flow. We combine vinyasa flows with yin yoga poses and breathwork, which strengthens the body, but also relaxes it at the same time. Working on strength from relaxation is really magical for your body, mind and mood. Moving freely in flowing movements supports the body to let go deeply and awaken your inner god(dess). Yes, men and women are welcome.

You will find that if you do this consistently for a longer period of time, your body will change and you will feel more energetic. You are going to let the feminine and masculine energy flow together in one stream. So that you can better find the balance between feminine and masculine energy in everyday life.

You can follow the lessons live in Puy L’évêque (France), live online or recordings.

Stripe cards:
1 single lesson €15.00
3 lessons € 35.00 (valid for 1 month)
5 lessons € 60.00 (valid for 2 months)
8 lessons € 100 (valid for 3 months)

Monthly subscription
1x per week € 39.00
Unlimited €59.00

Book your class via the online schedule or Momo Yoga App


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