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Thalassa van Beek is the founder of the Freelance Kickstarter Bootcamp. I interviewed her to get to know her story and why this is so valuable for new digital nomads or freelance starters. During this Bootcamp, you will learn everything about client acquisition, pricing strategies, and communication tools.

Thalassa’s starter story

When she started this journey back in early 2016 and thought of the name ‘The Travelling Freelancer’, she wasn’t really sure yet what she wanted to do with it, but she knew she had a story to share.

She finished university with a bachelor’s degree, had a highly south-after job at a communications agency which allowed her to travel a bit, had the perfect boyfriend, lived in an amazing house in a very respected area and the inside looked like a luxurious hotel. But she still wasn’t happy.

Her job seemed to be a dream job on paper and paid really well. Unfortunately, the employer had a soul-crushing way of communicating. So she quit her job, found a job as a waitress around the corner of her house and started her tour to figure out what she wanted to do. At the same time, she figured out that her perfect life with her boyfriend and the perfect house wasn’t the life she desired. She missed motorbike riding and traveling, the adventurous part of life. She desired the big adventure of a freedom lifestyle.

Thalassa made her decision and started her online business on 2 January 2016. After 2 months she made her first $1000,00 online. She finally started to believe in her desires and knew that if she could make a decent income online, the only thing she has to do is take her laptop with her, take a flight wherever she likes to go, open her laptop and continue making a living on the road.



In March 2017, a year after she made her first $1000,00 online, she could proudly look back. All her work is location independent now. When she started to earn more money than she earned with her ‘perfect job on paper’, she started to realize that this is the perfect way to live like you want, as free like you want it. Of course, it is not all about the money, but the freedom you have if you don’t have to go to an office building is priceless.


Freelance Kickstarter

Thalassa created the Freelance Kickstarter and works as a freelance digital nomad for a few start-ups in Europe now. She is always on the move to explore new countries and she attends team meetings in Europe every 3 months. When she is on a trip for one of her clients, she will always combine this with presenting a workshop in a coworking space. Companies ask her to give presentations. For example at ‘I Am Tomorrow’ in London, the United Kingdom.

The Freelance Kickstarter Bootcamp is a product she created for aspiring and freelancers who want to start living as a digital nomad but don’t know how and where to start.


Future plans

October is the month when Thalassa’s desire to live in Spain finally comes true. She will leave the Netherlands on the 17th of October. Living in Spain has been her desire for 5 years from now and it’s time to admit her desires. She will be working with the same clients from there and besides, she will give more attention to the Kickstarter Bootcamp. An online course is coming.


What helps you to keep your balance?

”Boundaries are really important. I do two things which really keeps me healthy.

1. Indicate borders with my clients. I can mention different ways. Think about different time zones and keeping my Facebook private. I will communicate in groups with them, but not on my private account.

2. Taking time for myself. I know exactly what makes me happy. When I feel tired or stuck in my work, it’s time to go sleep or go out for horse riding. When I am traveling, I always start to find a corral with a favorite horse where I can go to take some time for myself. Always ask yourself what makes you happy and what makes you calm?”


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