How to get a new Human Design?

Human Design is booming at the moment. A lot of people start to learn about The Law of Attraction and how to change your 9 to 5 life into a freedom lifestyle. Stephanie Smolders is Human Design Coach and the founder of School voor Positiviteit en Balans, a community where you can learn more about your purpose in life. I interviewed her to learn more about her lifestyle and what she has in mind for us in the future.


Stephanie her roots lay in Belgium and Peter her soulmate is from the Netherlands. They both worked in a 9 to 5 job where they had less time to spend with each other. Something that doesn’t give them energy anymore. They wanted something new and more adventurous. They decided to start a project where they could create an income online.

At first, they planned to sell all their stuff on one day and leave their pretty cozy home with some savings and experience what would happen on the move. Their first stop was France. They already knew some people there. Little steps lead to bigger goals. Leaving everything behind and move to the other side of the world is something you don’t do immediately.


Flow journey

Stephanie has been a teacher and owned an event company in Belgium and Peter worked as a Managing Director in a multinational. Parts of this positions helped them creating skills which they could do remotely. Social media is a powerful tool to expand your network and to learn more about personal development. They met people via social media, Couchsurfing, volunteer projects and different managing projects in different countries. Stephanie still loves to teach, so she is still teaching kids via the internet besides all the other projects. Stephanie and Peter possess the total package to help you with the start of a laptop lifestyle or anything else you want to redesign in your life.

Something they do aside is Social Media Consultations with Beehave social. She owns this company with Peter. They hire people and bring influencers into contact with brands. Both are influencers when they are not in Bali where they lived the last couple of months. And they still don’t know when and where they will go in the future. Going with the flow is something they desire. Sometimes it is still stressful for Stephanie. That is why she founded the School voor positiviteit en Balans.


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Photo credit: Stephanie Smolders

Dutch community and global future

The School voor positiviteit en Balans is a community for Dutchies. You can ask here all your questions about personal development. Everyone in this community is on the same journey. The goal of this community is to inspire people who don’t want to live the 9 to 5 life but still searching for the right positivity and balance. In the future, she will expand this community with an international coaching business and platform which she will own together with Peter.

Events she would like to recommend are Vipassana and Yoga. Vipassana is a retreat where you don’t use your creativity. You only have to sit, meditate and eat 3 times a day. Talking, using cell phones and laptops are not allowed. The duration of the Vipassana will range between 3 and 10 days. This is something she does often in Bali when she is there.

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