I am Flavia, a happy Spanish expat in the Netherlands and Yoga Teacher 😉

I discovered yoga during the difficult years at University (sitting and studying all day) with the purpose of “moving” a little and I found instead an eye opening discipline. I started to listen and take care of myself again.

My mission is to share yoga not just as a way to stay healthy and to challenge yourself mentally, but as a life journey that will help you live better day by day. I was inspired by my mother, also yogi, to start my yoga journey. Understanding our different needs and learning together has influenced my yoga practice and the way I communicate to my students. Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, body type, fitness level and health goals. We can all benefit from it and I want to help you discover it! Can’t wait to start this special journey with you J


  • International Hatha Yoga Teacher 200 hours by Arhanta Yoga
  • Pregnancy Yoga Specialization 50 hours by Yoga Education Institute
  • Vinyasa Yoga Specialization  50 hours Volunteer Program by Arhanta Yoga
  • Yoga Anatomy 20 hours by Julia Zatta
  • Yin Yoga by Arhanta Yoga 50 hours
  • SUP Yoga with Rosita Jan 25 hours