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Feeling Soul Good is a community of yoga and holistic teachers. Sequoia, the founder, and citizen of Canada started her spiritual tour in India when she was 22. She visited India for a volunteer program with a big organization. After the volunteer program ended, she didn’t felt satisfied. She started with saving some money when she came back to Canada and left again to explore and learn more about India.

The environment intrigued her. When she attended a community and asked if she could stay there, she had never heard of yoga before. But, she could stay and merged yoga into her daily life in 6 weeks. In Canada Sequoia wasn’t living as healthy as she is doing now. Distractions as addiction brought her energy down. After 6 weeks practicing yoga in India, she didn’t find it necessary anymore to admit to these distractions.  She started to learn more about the holistic lifestyle and created a community.

Feeling Soul Good is offering teacher training and retreats in India and Bali. With more than 20+ years of experience in studying yoga and spiritual practices. Sequoia her passions are pranayama, mantras, yoga nidra, meditation, philosophy and nada yoga.



Healing with sound

Healing with sound is something we hear more and more over the years. I experienced it by myself and I could say this definitely works. Using sound with an intention (energy traveling in the directions of your thoughts) directs sound waves that go into the body to heal, transform, and transmute energy. Sound and vibration effects everyone individually based on their spiritual connections and emotional body as well as previous and present life experiences.

Feeling Soul Good offers private and group sessions of Sound Healings and workshops. There is a difference between active and passive sessions. In an active session, you will already know what you want to release. In a passive session, the focus will be on balance and support.

Sound healing will be held with Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Didgeridoo, human voice, toning and the body, nervous system and mantras.


Daily balance point’

‘’A daily spiritual practice. Depends on what I am teaching. Especially in the morning. I pray, chant, sit, meditate and sing.’’


Biggest dream’

‘’Create a community where we can live in respect to speaking our truth. We can communicate pretty open and teach the world how to heal yourself.’’


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7-14 January 2018            The Yoga of Sound Retreat in India

22-27 April 2018                Awakening Self-Love Bali, Indonesia

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