Dating for Digital Nomads

Online dating for nomads is something really valuable to the digital nomad communities around the world as its hard to find meaningful connections while most are constantly moving. Aline Dahmen came up with the idea to create a dating platform for the Nomad Soulmates community 2 years ago after she joined her first digital nomad conference. Today she is leading the worlds biggest community for single digital nomads, is creating single retreats and an app that connects them online. Say goodbye to Tinder and Hello to Nomad Soulmates.  


How does it work?

Retreats and Events

With 9502 community members, they organize retreats, meet-ups and awesome experiences for the crowd.


Nomad Soulmates winter retreat in Bansko, Bulgaria

Imagine sledding races, mulled wine, skiing and snowboarding spas and mountain vibes as well as best practices how to find your nomadic soulmate. Share an incredible time with 30 other single nomads at the Nomad Soulmates winter retreat which is held from the 15th-22th of December.

Bansko is an amazing place where you’ll find quietness, peace and a great Coworking Space. The costs of living is very affordable in comparison to the rest of the EU and where the standard of living is high.

Also, ski season will be open, so if you plan a longer stay and you go crazy about boarding or skiing this is a great opportunity to combine your favorite sport!

Get your tickets and view the full program here.


Retreats Coming in 2018

February – 14th – 21th: Dahab
This retreat is themed all around the beauty of the desert, camels riding and sleeping under the stars. It’s gonna be an incredible adventure.

April – 12th-19th Yoga & Tantra Retreat in Sri Lanka
This retreat is themed around Tantra and Yoga, made by their community member Sean. He is a Yoga and Massage Therapist – this will be his 2nd retreat. Single nomads who are into learning more about that should def join. More info is coming soon.

Bali – August / September 2018
Bali attracts many nomads every year. If you are into an outdoor adventure, jungle trekking, and camping then you should join the singles retreat in Bali!

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The focus of Nomad Soulmates is to bring single nomads together, create team- & partner work and give a space to connect. This is an awesome opportunity to meet other people with the same desires, how great is that? We have seen that people create better environments and experiences when they share working and traveling.


What is new?

BETA in Bali.

Next to events there is a very exciting dating web-app coming out in 2018 for testing only available in Bali. As a digital nomad, you can literally say goodbye to Tinder that wouldn’t work for a digital nomad, you’d be more served with a platform that connects you to other like-minded people ‘who get you’. Say hello to almost 10k members around the world with Nomad Soulmates.  


More about the founder

Aline Dahmen left Germany after high school without a degree. First, she didn’t know what to do, but she knew she needed to follow her gut feeling.  Her travels started with a Gap Year in New-Zealand finally finding out about the Digital Nomad movement which fascinated her. When she visited her first digital nomad conference, she got inspired to start the Nomad Soulmates community as she realized there were a lot of single & solo travelers present at that conference. It has been a struggle for her to find a community where people share love, work, and travel and with her assumption made at that conference, she found that it must be struggling for more digital nomads around the world. With Nomad Soulmates she started to organize speed dating events and grew into the vision of organizing adventurous events and retreats around the globe as well as creating a dating app for remote workers. Aline wanted her own project to work on. She is a strong community builder and she loves what she is doing.  Aline found her nomadic love at a coffee shop in Bali where she has a home base with her partner Nalom of The Getaway Camp.

What do you want to teach the world?

Trust your gut feeling. You’re doing the right thing. You are the only person who knows what is best for you and what feels right. Go for the experience. If I didn’t listen to my gut feeling, Nomad Soulmates wouldn’t be here serving so many people. So yeah, always listen to your gut feeling!


How many Nomad Soulmate can we count?

I have seen 7 Nomad Soulmates relationships now. You can read our love stories here. Nomad Soulmates is mainly ment to be for  finding a nomadic partner  but it’s also a connecting platform to find friends, isn’t that how relationships starts in the first place?


What is coming up?

We will organize recurring events in the future. The Nomad Soulmates winter retreat will ideally return every 3 months. Of course, the event will be changed to the season we are in. Something special is coming up for Valentines day! There will be a romantic Nomad Soulmates retreat in Dahab Egypt and we will also turn back to this wonderful place every 3 months.


Which events  would you recommend?

7in7 for the more experienced Digital Nomads.



Nomad Soulmates on Instagram
You can find more information about their activities on Nomad Soulmates website.


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