Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness for your business to create a healthy organization and strong foundation. We do research on organizational change, emotional intelligence and stress management.


In a constant changing organization it is important to manage the organizational health. This starts with the people in your organization. Besides the research we do on organizational change, emotional intelligence and stress management, we also bring the people in your organization in motion. It is important to make them aware of the connection with their bodies to be productive, creative and focused again.

Organizational Change

Organizations are constantly changing. It is important to do research in figures of absenteeism but also in the humans in your organization itself. What kind of responsibilities do they have? How do they move in those responsibilities and how do they want to grow or change in those responsibilities. When the research is finished the company has an idea where the pain points are and how to transform those into a healthier organization.


  • hiring new staff to full fill new jobs
  • move roles to another position in your company
  • emotional intelligence & stress management coaching
  • job coaching
  • outplacement

Emotional intelligence & stress management

Emotional Intelligence aka EQ

The basis of any type of communication, strong collaborative environment and team-building approach is emotional intelligence also known as EQ. As business networks are growing multinationally and data management finds itself in the forefront, ones EQ becomes that much more a priority to integrate as a skill set to have amongst individual teams and departments. Its no longer just the managers/leaders managing the team, yet each individual managing themselves, their communication and data. Self-trust, self-confidence and knowing what to communicate, when and how becomes another business art form amongst corporations that want to be in the forefront of the fast-paced, dynamic world we live in.  


One of the most common reasons for increased sick days, decreased productivity and increased employee turnover within corporations are physiological signs of stress whether that be neck and back issues, anxiety and depression or at worst case, a full-blown burn out. These statistics are ever growing and with digitalization not coming to any slow down soon, stress, specifically stress-management techniques within the corporations environment, daily tasks, and habits needs to be brought into awareness and taken into account when implementing a specific change or project. By integrating stress-management techniques within the projects the productivity of the employees will not only be maintained, but employee loyalty and creativity will flourish. 


Joyce Mol

Joyce Mol is experienced in Business Development, Organizational Change and HR. She worked in HR, Finance, Marketing and Healthcare organizations and is the Owner of Mind Events Factory. Besides her experience on a Business Level she has a great passion for Yoga. This is integrated in her way of bringing organizations in motion.

Melanie Genssler

Melanie Genssler is a Licensed Nutritionist and coach that has specialized in stress-management. Her professional experience started in treating patients dealing with mental and gut disorders such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, chronic inflammatory bowel disease and reflux disease. This brought her to focus on the mind-gut connection aka the “first” (Mind) and “second” (gut) brain. Her approach lies on building emotional intelligence and reconnecting to ones body through food and movement. Melanie is ready to nourish your teams with the information to withstand any type of stress.