Chilly Branding Guide – Rock Freedom

Chilly Branding Guide – Rock Freedom! Do you want more freedom? BE your own BOSS!

Or do you just want to have a little job of your own on the side? And you have no clue where to start with your journey?

The Chilly Branding Guide is a step to step guide where you learn how to build your brand online and offline.

I created an E-book for you with all the steps you need to take to get started with your business. This includes how you create a personal brand, build relationships, social media, pricing strategies, first working hours, coworking, tools, et cetera.

It’s full of information. But it’s no guarantee you will find clients immediately. That’s why I wrote this guide. Personal Branding isn’t about setting up a business and pops up clients because you are there. You have to be there all the time. Socialize and build real relationships. Forget about Upwork and all the bullshit websites where you get paid like you are a ‘street dog’. You have lots of value. But sometimes you just need an accountability partner. Or a guide which explains how to take the road.

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What is in it?

+ Freelance starter insights
+ Level 1. Decide your niche
+ Level 2. Build relationships 
+ Level 3. Social media – your best friend
+ Level 3.1 LinkedIn
+ Level 3.2 Facebook
+ Level 3.3 Instagram
+ Level 4 Hours
+ Level 5 Pricing
+ Level 6 Learn and choose your tools
+ Coworking – Go Wild!



Buy the guide now, so we can inform you how to get started with your Chilly Branding Tour! 



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